How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Mark A Cunningham

A stressful lifestyle can cause a variety of debilitating disorders one of which is CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME or persistent fatigue. However there are studies that show working from home may help reduce your symptoms dramatically.

Up to date studies have revealed this neurological illnesses severity.

Due to sufferers keeping a diary of their illness patterns and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) on the increase the illness is becoming much more accepted in GP circles. So sufferers are finding that there is much more help out there, helping towards a positive outlook with this illness, as a factor of CFS the problem being there is no diagnostic laboratory test or cure. With the help from better understanding and a more determined resilience from the sufferer they are finding new ways to cope with CFS/ME related symptoms.

Professional people who have unfortunately had to give up long term carers because of ill health symptoms related to CFS have become more common, probably due to a better understanding of the illness. This has led to an outcry for new ways to help with the symptoms one of which is, sufferers may find that working from home in a relatively stress free environment will reduce their symptoms dramatically. Inevitably this has led to some sufferers who would like to continue working finding that working from home is there only option.

Interestingly studies have shown this may help with the symptoms of CFS more than was expected

  • Self-esteem: improves, the sufferer finds a way to continue with his/her career.
  • Sleep patterns: are effected as most sufferers know that they have a random sleep pattern, any improvement in this area is a positive thing.
  • Recovery: sufferers find they have more control over there working hours so can listen to their body more intuitively therefore pacing themselves by choosing their own working hours

One such sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reported working as a freelance teacher at home has increased energy levels, improved confidence, sleep patterns, and an increased income... all after just one year of working at home

With the increased strain on the government to support people on sickness related benefits to lead a normal life, we cannot ignore self help strategies like this, that make an impact on CFS treatment. They must support people in finding a way back into work as an estimated 250,000 people suffer from CFS in the UK alone. The example of the sufferer who continued working from home has now reportedly gone back to a working environment because of her understanding of her own pain levels and limits.

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By Kelly A McCaffrey

Adrenal fatigue can be brought on by many different reasons, some being emotional or psychological stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, too much sugar, fear, marital stress, death of a loved one, and even drugs.

If you think you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, and you are not sure what you can do, here are a few tips that can help you.

Avoid stimulants if possible: Stimulants put further stress on the glands, making them work harder to produce more energy, that ends up further depleting the adrenal glands. Just some of the things you need to avoid are:

• Prescription stimulants
• Highly sugared energy drinks
• Caffeine and guarana

A diet low in sugar: By consuming a low-glycemic (low-sugar) diet, you will minimize stress on the adrenal glands while ensuring high energy levels. Include protein and good fats along with carbohydrates eaten in smaller quantities throughout the day.

Carbohydrates and sugar put stress on the adrenal glands due to the shifting of the blood sugar levels. When fruits, vegetables and high fibre carbohydrates are added, the blood sugar levels remain stable, creating less of a strain on the adrenal glands.

Herbal remedies for more energy: Herbal and aromatherapy expert Mindy Green of the Herbal Research Foundation recommends that use of herbs for energy, stimulation or adrenal support; "We live in a society that runs on stimulation -- whether it's coffee, or violence on television -- things that make us live on that edge. So while there are some excellent herbs and essential oils for adrenal support, people need to take care not to try these products along with other stimulants. When you're trying to tone your adrenals, you don't want to drink caffeine, or watch horror movies or violent news stories, for example. Instead of the simulating effect of aerobics, do something more calming, like yoga or tai chi. It's almost as if you need to train your body to run more on internal energy than outside energy and stimulation."

Mindy recommends Siberian Ginseng to regular ginseng and astragalus, which is good for immune support and a great tonic for adrenal fatigue.

Other herbs that have been favoured as helping those with adrenal fatigue are:

• Fo-ti root (Ho Shou Wu) a Chinese herb, similar to ginseng
• The Ayurvedic remedy of Triphala, used as a long-term glandular tonic
• Black cohosh root, also used as a long-term glandular tonic

Switch to drinking herbal Teas: By including herbal teas into your diet, you will receive the energy you need without the use of stimulants such as coffee. Chamomile, green tea, black tea or mate, pronounced, "mah-tay" will leave you more energized without the feelings of jitteriness and are a much better health choice.

If you recently experienced major stress in your life, be it, work stress, illness, family life and have you felt as though you just can't seem to get yourself together? Are you unusually tired when you wake up, but still feeling 'grey' when it's time for bed? If so, then you, like many others may be experiencing symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.

Learn the simple steps you can now begin using in overcoming adrenal fatigue by first learning how to cope with everyday stress then visit and start living again!

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.