How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Gerry Geneva

Regulating your adrenal glands is very important, especially since this is the part of the body which is responsible for different hormone production which in turn affects many facets of your health. This includes you energy levels. So to make sure you keep your hormones levels where they should be and your adrenal glands fully productive, here are some useful tips for a more effective adrenal fatigue diet:

1. Eat more often - Likely you have heard that it is important to eat 3 meals a day and that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for those suffering from adrenal fatigue it is important to eat at least 3 meals a day. You really should eat closer to 5-6 meals each and every day. Avoiding blood sugar spikes and valleys due to going long periods without eating something is imperative to jump-starting your adrenal glands. For maximum effectiveness, plan out your day so you don't go more than 2-3 hours without eating something healthy. You might be surprised that this is a great way to lose weight because it jump starts your adrenals as well as your metabolism.

2. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and sugar - These three types of foods are very popular in our society. If we don't have them, we crave them deeply. Much of this is out of habit, but the need also stems from a need for stimulants to keep us going and suppressant (alcohol) to help us relax. Your body already has a mechanism for this (your adrenals) and it shouldn't need to be tricked into producing more or less cortisol. For a full adrenal recovery, you should let the body regulate itself through naturally as it was meant to. If you need to have that energy boost, you might want to consider healthier and better alternatives such as proper exercise and a balanced diet. Substitute stimulants like caffeine and sugar with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and water so that you get other nutritious vitamins and minerals and the accompanying energy boost without the side effect of debilitating mid-day crashes.

3. Keep away from processed food - Fast food, canned goods, and instant noodles would do you no good in the long run. Most people these days say that they have no choice but to eat these stuff because of time restraints. However, there are many quick and healthy recipes nowadays which you can try to make sure that you still eat healthy despite your very busy and active lifestyle. Remember this rule of thumb: Eat food as close to its original form as possible. The less steps and time between its original form and the time you eat it, the more nutritious it will be for your body.

4. Observe how you eat - Eating correctly is a principle that has become lost due to our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. By eating correctly I mean to chew your food thoroughly and eat to satisfaction. Its important that you try to make your eating environment conducive to proper digestion. Wolfing down a burger in rush hour traffic barely constitutes a healthy meal. When you eat, try to slow down and chew your food at least 30 times before you swallow. Ensure you have proper hydration to drink with you food. One tip that has proven helpful to many people is to eat with friends and family. You tend to eat slower and be in a better mood, which ultimately leads to better digestion, when you eat with friends and family.

5. Drink more water - Don't underestimate the power of water. Most of us are walking around dehydrated and we don't even know it. There is absolutely no substitute for water. Many of the popular drinks of the day (I.E. cola, coffee, some juices like cranberry juice) are actually diuretics because they cause you to use up more water than they supply. Besides the caffeine in many drinks, the large amounts of sugar contained in these drinks alone will wreak havoc on your adrenal glands and expand your waistline. Instead, develop the habit of carrying a water bottle with you and make sure you are adequately hydrated throughout the day.

6. Adrenal fatigue supplements - While it is possible to get all the nutrients we need for healthy adrenals and a healthy body from food, most of us simply do not have the time it takes to find all the best foods, and properly prepare them. This can be especially difficult depending on where geographically you live. Accepting the realization that in this day in age, we simply are not getting all the nutrients we need from the foods we are eating, is an important step on the way to adrenal health. This is why we need to supplement. There are lots of nutrients we simply do not get enough of. If you don't currently take any supplements, begin with a multivitamin and vitamin C. However, there are many supplements specifically formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies of those suffering with adrenal fatigue.

Gerry Geneva is a personal energy coach and expert. He specializes in beating adrenal fatigue through energy management techniques, proper nutrition and adrenal fatigue supplements.

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.