How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Andrew Stratton

Stress makes life a lot harder to live. Most people think that the only way to relieve stress is to have money to pay for traditional luxury stress-relievers. What if there was a cheap way to fix your stress? Not only to fix it, but to help prevent it? Well, there are ways to do just that.

Almost every person alive is affected by some level of stress in one way or another. There are many people that think you have to be well-off in order to fight stress. You might see commercials for spas, golf weekends, massages or expensive getaway gear like boats or jets.

What if you found ways to alleviate stress without having to spend the money? Of course it would be nice to do those things, but what if you're not in the position to spend money?

First, you should understand how stress works. When a stressful situation arises, over 1,300 changes can occur in your body. Your blood pressure may rise, your muscles may feel tenser and your digestion might get upset. When you get extremely stressed, your body robs itself of the vital vitamins and minerals that it needs.

It takes a lot of energy to tense and un-tense muscles, to regulate body temperature and to aid in digestion and blood pressure. The vitamin B that your body would normally use for other things gets depleted. Vitamin B helps maintain nerves and brain cells.

Getting enough vitamin B will help you think logically in stressful times and will help your nerves remain calm. Another thing that happens when you get stressed out is that your serotonin level dips to a low point. This makes you crave carbohydrates, a main source of serotonin. This isn't necessarily good because it's what makes you reach for that bowl of potatoes when times are hard. Too much carbohydrate consumption can lead to excessive weight gain.

It is important to try and keep your body at a good level all the time. For vitamins B, C, and the mineral magnesium, you can eat bananas, avocados, fish, chicken and dark green and leafy vegetables. When you're in a particularly stressful situation, grabbing one of these things as a quick, light snack can help your body fight its natural reaction to what's going on.

In addition, make your carb consumption full of complex carbs that are made of whole grains (think brown, not white) and your serotonin levels will be less able to fluctuate in times of trouble.

Doing these things will help you fight the stressful times in your life and the best thing about it is that prevention can be half the battle. If you're able to prevent stress and better cope with it, then the expensive fixes will cause less frustration in your life and with these tools, you can have a less stressful life.

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.