How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Robin T Campbell

Our Adrenal glands are tiny pituitary glands located on each side of our kidneys. Though very small, It is important to note the very crucial roles they play and the great impact they can have on our health. They are very important for the activating of our response to stress by pumping the hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol into our bloodstream. They are also responsible for regulating and synthesizing other important hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterone.

Naturally It is very important to support these small glands. However, In today's stress filled world, There are several constant factors that keep our bodies on a constant red alert status.

First and foremost is the stress that can be created by our eating habits and lifestyle. If you are constantly rushed, with a lot of stress in your life whether emotional or physical as in the case of fighting a devastating illness, taking a host of medications for allergies, chronic fatigue, unwanted weight gain,menopause symptoms, etc.You probably have some sort of adrenal gland problem.

Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to counteract these troubles and help your adrenal glands to function normally.

Take note of How, What & When you eat:

If you do not eat a simple lean protein breakfast at least by 9:30 AM Your Cortisol levels will be hitting an all time high! Your body will then begin the process of slowing down your metabolism, trying very hard to protect you from the stress of not having any food in your body for several hours. Your blood sugar levels will gradually keep dropping along with your blood pressure. Your body is now very Stressed out. By the time you DO finally eat something. Well, chances are you will be craving for all the wrong things, which in turn leads to more stress on your body, which is very taxing on your Adrenal glands, and so instead of achieving long term energy, you now have long term FAT storage from the high Cortisol production and tiredness.

Truly, eating simple protein snacks and complex carbs -thru-out the day which are your whole grains,nuts and RAW fruits & vegetables, Starting with a simple breakfast before 10: AM -will keep you energized, a lot healthier and thinner too! They also help reduce emotional Stress as well- let's face it, we are all comforted when we are eating something, so why not make it healthy!

So begin your new eating for health plan the following way:

Breakfast: Whole grain toast with 1 minute oatmeal or any low sugar grain cereal is a great choice, or Fresh fruits you love along with a slice of lean or vegetarian style bacon or whole wheat toast with an omega 3 enriched egg cooked in a little smart balance butter or even boiled. No Time? Grab a hand full of raw almonds or any nuts you can eat and a piece of fruit. Believe it or not even a cold slice of pizza and a glass of milk is much healthier than not eating at all.

Snacks: Eating 2-3 healthy snacks in between meals will balance your ph and Cortisol and blood sugar levels perfectly! So Keep a handy supply of whole unroasted nuts, fruits, veggies, whole wheat crackers, low fat popcorn .... eat only one handful of the nuts & crackers due to the higher calories.

Also keep in mind, if you have had a lot of hardship and stress in your life you no doubt need some EXTRA vitamin's & minerals that have been depleted because of constant stress overload. Here are some of our recommended herbs and nutrients:

1. Healthy Amino acids, vitamin e & omega -3 supplements or foods like salmon, eggs, nuts.

2.Vitamin B complex with C, Calcium, & extra trace minerals like selenium, zinc & Iodine

3. Herbal adaptogens to help you body adapt to the stress:

Top Three:

Siberian Ginsing Ashwaganda Astralgus root

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.