How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Katherine Seawood

Recurrent nightmares can be exhausting and a cause for anxiety for anyone. They can lead to anxiety about sleeping, if the person avoids of falling asleep for fear of having nightmares. Luckily, if the cause of the nightmares is adrenal fatigue, the patient can do a few things to avoid having scary dreams.

The adrenal glands release cortisol, which also controls and triggers other hormone-secreting organs. When the adrenals become fatigued, the adrenal fatigue causes a number of hormonal issues. Because the pancreas releases insulin in accordance with demands from the cortisol, the body begins to suffer from blood sugar fluctuations.

The brain uses sugar for energy, and requires an optimum blood sugar level to work properly. When the pancreas releases a flood of insulin, this causes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The entire body reacts to this low blood sugar -- the heart races, blood pressure drops, and your brain does not function properly. During the waking hours, these symptoms are easy to recognize in the form of rapid heart rate, feeling faint, and having foggy though processes. When these symptoms occur when the person is asleep, however, the person isn't able to recognize the symptoms.

When hypoglycemia occurs while a person is asleep, the brain often reacts with strange and scary dreams. You can determine if your nightmares were caused by hypoglycemia if you wake feeling weak, tired, and with a headache. Often times, you'll also feel very hungry immediately upon waking from having nightmares. This is your body's way of trying to covey a need for fuel (food).

In order to alleviate nightmares caused by the hypoglycemia related to adrenal fatigue, you can take a few precautions prior to going to bed.

Remember that your body is experiencing hypoglycemia because your blood sugar is low. Remember, too, that people who suffer from adrenal fatigue have diet restrictions that they need to abide by. For these reasons, you need to have a bedtime snack that you eat an hour at most before you go to bed. Combine a small amount of natural sugar --such as a piece of fruit-- with some protein and saturated fat. (Keep in mind that there are certain fruits that those with adrenal fatigue should avoid.)

Eating a bedtime snack will keep your blood sugar at safer levels, and will help you avoid the nightmares that your fatigued adrenals have been causing.

Katherine Seawood has extensively studied adrenal fatigue, after learning she has the condition. After treating and curing her own adrenal fatigue, she created a free adrenal fatigue informational site, which she updates regularly. You can view some of her articles at

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.