How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Angie Lindsey

Do you ever wonder when you actually should take a test to check for your adrenal insufficiency? This article will a little bit give you ideas about signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency which indicate what tests you may take to check your adrenal and hormones problems. The information contained here is based on my friend's experience, Tracy.

So Tracy had her adrenals and hormones tested. Her adrenals are overworked due to her immune system being suppressed. There are symptoms that have led her to take the tests. The tests and symptoms are mentioned below.

The adrenal insufficiency showed up on both blood and salivary tests for her. The blood tests she had done included TSH, Free T4, Total T3, DHEA-S, Free Testosterone, Cortrosyn baseline (or stimulation if you can find someone to do it), Somatomeden C, LH, FSH, Prolactin and Estradoil.

The salivary test kit was from BioHealth Diagnostics (BHD #800, panal #205 - Functional adrenal stress profile IV) and was processed by Medical Clinical Labs in Santa Monica Ca. The test results for the salivary test took 6 weeks to get back.

Hers symptoms included weight loss, hair loss, fatigue, food sensitivities, chilliness, low blood pressure, low body temperature, abdominal pain, sweet cravings, some alteration in bowel movements, weakness to name a few.

She has been suspecting adrenal fatigue due to having a stressful pregnancy with twins, having the tubal right afterward and getting a lot of steroid shots to boost the babies' lung development before they were born.

So, If you get the blood tests make sure your doctor interprets the result for your age and for where you are at in your cycle - i.e. the normal range for DHEA is 12-379, hers was 19 and technically within normal range until she learned that normal for her age is 150 and 19 would be normal for an 80 year old woman. That's why she always feels terrible.

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.