How to cure adrenal fatigue.
By Corinne Bridgewater

If fatigue has taken a hold of you and you have ruled out other illnesses like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome then you may have adrenal fatigue. It is estimated that 70% of all people have it. Fatigue is a sign of stress and stress as well all know leads to some major medical issues including heart problems.

Four key steps to treating adrenal fatigue

One- Get more sleep and relaxation

We are in a society that is busy and fast paced. We have little time or more simply we make little time to relax. We do not sleep well or long enough and we rarely take and "me" time. All this fast paced stuff only increases your stress level and puts more and more demand on our adrenal glands. The hormones just can not pump out enough to deal with the level of stress we are trying to. As most of our organs need time to regroup and recover so do our adrenal glands. We must learn to give them time to recover.

The job of the adrenal glands is to keep our hormone levels at the proper amount. They are known as the anti stress hormones, but they can only do their job if allowed the proper amount of time to rest and recover. Science says this amount is 8-9 hours a night for it to be able to function properly during the day when called upon.

Not only do our everyday routines place stress on our bodies but to a great degree on our emotions and minds too. If you do not allow your minds to distress then your life will stress out and you will become severely fatigued. If you think being tired at the end of the day is bad, just wait until you are tired out after getting up in the morning.

You can see how important it is when you realize that because of medically studies that the state employments departments make all employers give their employees recommended breaks each shift. This is because they found that allowing the worker to rest, their energies are recovered and they can work more efficiently.

Two- Work on reducing stress in your life

Wikipedia defines stress as a term that refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism - human or animal - to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.

It is obvious that in America today it is virtually impossible to live a life that is totally stress free. It is a fact of life that stress is life, our goal has got to be to find ways to reduce the stress. Sounds simple when you write it, but it really is a rather difficult thing to do. Especially since by the time you need to reduce it, it is already pretty much consuming you.

There is a stress hormone called cortisol that is released by the adrenal glands to help us cope with and then to recover from stress. This is the hormone that is best known as the "flight or fight" response hormone. It acts just like adrenaline. The difference is that adrenaline is short acting to get us out of danger; cortisol is the long term hormone that allows up the energy to perform normal tasks.

When are limited supply of cortisol is used up and we do not allow our bodies times to recover that is when we start having fatigue symptoms. There are things each day you can do to relieve the stress in your life. First off, take time to unwind everyday. A few minutes here and there is all it takes. Try to not get upset over everything and pick your battles. Do not stress over problems you can not change. Do not argue over politics and religion and things that rile you up but really go no where. If you are upset all the time then your stress level is too high all the time.

Besides taking time out to relax, do something with that time that you will enjoy. Do a hobby, go for a relaxing walk, engage in some activity that destresses you.

Three- Take the needed vitamins, minerals and supplements that will help your body

A good multi vitamin will help your body handle stress. There are even companies that make formulas geared to "stress". They will have additions of minerals that help the body's immunities and to recover from stressful situations.

Some of the more important vitamins to take for adrenal fatigue are B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. The important minerals seem to be magnesium and zinc. Natural supplements are licorice, DHEA and Echinacea

Four- Try regular exercise

Our bodies are made to move. So exercise is a vital component to strengthening the body. Science shows that with regular exercise, the hormones in our body are circulated better and therefore metabolize easier. Cortisol, the main stress hormone also regulates our blood sugar and is one reason that exercise helps in the process.

When you first decide to exercise do not go hog wild and run a marathon. It is important that you build your tolerance up slowly. If you overdo it you will put your recovery back. So remember to pace yourself and do not engage in competitive sports. Start out by walking, it's a good exercise that is easy on your body and yet allows you to build up to walking more and more and thus getting stronger. When you are stronger then you can think of jogging or speed walking. Start with 20 minutes three times a week and increase to five times a week before increasing the time.

If you incorporate just these four steps into your personal adrenal fatigue routine then you will see noteworthy advancement of health for most of the symptoms. These simple changes in your life will enable you to treat and live with adrenal fatigue.

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How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue.